• Hiatus

    I’m on a break living out some theology so I have more to say. Talk to you later!

  • Thanksgiving Table Conversation Pep-talk

    The day is fast approaching, and with it the looming threat of one of┬áthose conversations. Grandpa’s talking about politics again! The fights–and everyone else just staring at their plates hoping […]

  • The Pace of Progress

    I happened to see the above image on a tote-bag a few days ago and was immediately struck by it. I had a good conversation with the owner of the […]

  • How Truth isn’t Truth to Fundamentalists

    In an interview on Sunday with Meet the Press, lawyer for President Trump, Rudy Giuliani said, “truth isn’t truth” by way of defending his client against possible perjury. He has […]

  • Habakkuk and Despair

    As the news carries yet another story of yet another unarmed black person murdered by police (his name was Antwon Rose), my thoughts turn first to despair. Again!? Another!? Murder […]

  • getting high and doing theology

    I grew up deathly afraid of drugs. Between Nancy Reagan, D.A.R.E, and fried-egg brains I was fully and completely convinced that the sweet baby Jesus would most likely fill his […]